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Photograph of Belinda BuckleyBelinda Buckley MRCSLT MASLTIP is an independent speech and language therapist specialising in work with children. Her clinic is in north-east London, UK.

This website is for parents, teachers and others interested in speech, language and communication development in children, and in the difficulties some children have in developing these skills.

Speech & language therapy (SLT) can help children overcome many of these difficulties. You can learn more about therapy on this website.

Belinda Buckley offers the following speech and language therapy services

  • Assessment
  • Reports, including those for Special Educational Needs statementing
  • Individual therapy
  • Therapy programmes to be carried out by teaching staff or parents
  • Training for professionals
  • School visits

Book cover: Children's Communication Skills from Birth to Five YearsChildren’s Communication Skills from Birth to Five Years by Belinda Buckley is available to buy online at Amazon.

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A member of the Royal College of Speech & Language Therapists, and the Association of Speech & Language Therapists in Independent Practice.

Visit the RCSLT website Visit the ASLTIP website

      Belinda Buckley is a registered Speech and Language Therapist - Reg. No. SL01104