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An eighteen-month-old child

  • Communicates primarily for social reasons
  • Perseveres in conveying her message if it is not understood, by repeating or altering it
  • Attracts people’s attention by looking at them and pointing at an object or event
  • Focuses on self-directed activities and attention is single-channelled
  • Understands simple commands, questions and gestures, for example 'come here', 'give to mummy'
  • Understands several new words each week
  • Uses 5 - 20 words one at a time
  • Names familiar objects and actions in everyday situations
  • Uses the same word for different reasons, for example, 'cat' could mean, 'Is that a cat?', 'There’s a cat' or 'Give me the cat'
  • May use one word to talk about things that are linked in some way, for example, 'apple' for apple, orange and peach, or restrict word meanings, for example 'apple' refers only to her apple that she has at dinner time, not to other apples
  • Intersperses real words in her babble, for example, 'mamubaba-doggy-dada'