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A two- and a half-year-old child

  • Relies increasingly on words to express self, but still uses gesture and other nonverbal behaviours
  • Takes two or three turns in conversations with listener
  • Enacts familiar activities in play e.g. with dolls
  • Verbal commentary accompanies play
  • Watches peers at play and occasionally joins in
  • Focus of attention often rigid on absorbing activity; gradually increasing flexibility in attention control
  • Uses strategy of doing what is usually done when responding to instructions e.g. 'put the knife on the plate'
  • Recognises names and pictures of most common objects
  • Identifies objects by function e.g. 'Which one is for eating?'
  • Understands 'What?' and 'Where?'
  • Understands sentences with three key words e.g. 'Get a biscuit and your big beaker '
  • Average size of expressive vocabulary 500 words
  • Starting to use three word phrases e.g. 'Eat mummy cake'
  • Asks lots of questions with 'What?' and 'Where?'
  • Starts talking about events in the past and, occasionally, future
  • Single words and short phrases should be clear, though immature
  • Starts to use grammatical structures:
  • plural -s 'doggies' 'toys'
  • pronouns 'I', 'me', 'it'
  • negative 'I not happy'; 'no juice'