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A two-year-old child

  • Communicates using a combination of gestures, looking, sounds and words
    • Starts to take turns in conversations
  • Able to attend to activity of own choosing
  • Understands that events are made up of a series of steps in sequence e.g. wash hands, sit at table, eat, get down
  • Demonstrates more than one action in pretend play e.g. feeds doll then puts doll to bed
  • Understands that words can stand for pictures and toys of real objects
  • Understands some long and complicated sentences
  • Able to carry out instructions containing two key words, without relying on the speaker’s gestures, for example, to figure out the meaning e.g. 'Put teddy on the table'
  • Starts to combine two or three words into short phrases e.g. 'Mummy here', 'Teddy jump here'
  • Uses the same word or phrase for different reasons e.g. 'Daddy drink' might mean, 'That’s daddy’s drink', 'Daddy, I want your drink' or 'Daddy’s drinking'.
  • Starts to ask questions
  • Starts to say 'No' and 'Not'
  • Starts to talk about past events and possibly things that might happen in the future.