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A three-year-old child

  • Uses language as the main means of communicating
  • Takes a number of turns in conversation
  • Initiates conversations and increasingly able to maintain topic of conversation
  • Imagination evident in play e.g. produces imaginary cat from pocket for adult to stroke, says the cat is hungry
  • Enacts less familiar events in play e.g. visit to dentist, zoo
  • Becomes involved in sustained make-believe play with peers
  • Able to shift focus of attention from activity engaged in to verbal direction and back to activity, but needs adult support to do so
  • Uses strategy of offering explanation for questions not understood
  • Understands all common action words, object names, most common adjectives
  • Understands 'Who?', 'Whose?', 'Why?' and occasionally 'How many?'
  • Follows instructions containing three, sometimes four key words e.g. 'Find the big beaker and put it in Johnny’s bag.'
  • Understands many words referring to basic concepts e.g. in, on, under, big, small, long, short, Expressive vocabulary on average consists of 700 words
  • Asks questions using 'Why?'
  • Talks increasingly about the past and future; tells short, often disjointed, stories
  • Speech is mostly understandable with some continuing immaturities
  • Uses grammatical structures:
  • pronouns I, he, she, you, they, we
  • verbs can, will, is, are
  • verb endings pushed, stopped
  • negatives mid sentence I not like it
  • articles a, the
  • conjunctions and, because