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A four-year-old child

  • Seeks out and enjoys companionship of peers
  • Engages in dramatic make-believe play with peers
  • Holds conversation skillfully with a variety of people
  • Able to shift attention spontaneously from what she is doing to what somebody is saying and back to what she is doing again
  • Continues to use strategy of doing what is usually done in response to improbable instructions e.g. 'make the baby feed mum'
  • Understands sentences with up to six key words e.g. 'Put the small bag and the cup under Daddy’s chair'
  • Understands and uses all basic grammatical structures with occasional mistakes e.g. 'I went to the circus and sawed the clowns'
  • Uses language to express ideas and feelings, discuss plans, problem-solve and negotiate
  • Asks lots of questions, especially using 'How?' and 'Why?'
  • Able to express herself clearly on most occasions, reflecting a vocabulary consisting of thousands of words
  • Uses complex sentences with two or more verbs to link ideas
  • Tells stories about connected past events providing an introduction, sufficient background knowledge, an account of what happened and information on how the story ended
  • Uses 'can', 'will', 'is', 'are', 'have', 'do' correctly e.g. 'I can jump'
  • Speech is clear, with few immaturities e.g. thank you --> fank you