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Belinda Buckley is the author of Children’s Communication Skills: from birth to five (2003), published by Routledge. Shortly after its publication, the book was selected as a module text on language development for a number of university courses. Reader review from

About the book

Children’s Communication Skills: from birth to five uses a clear format to set out the key stages of communication development in babies and young children. Its aim is to increase awareness in professionals working with children of what constitutes human communication and what communication skills to expect at any given stage. Illustrated throughout with real-life examples and excellent line-drawings, this informative text addresses:

  • Normal development of verbal and non-verbal communication skills;
  • The importance of play in developing these skills;
  • Developmental communication problems;
  • Bilingualism, cognition and early literacy development;
  • Working with parents of children with communication difficulties.

Features designed to make the book an easy source of reference include chapter summaries, age-specific skills tables, sections on warning signs that further help might be needed, and a glossary of key terms.

These practical guidelines on what to expect children to achieve are based on a huge body of research in child language and communication development. Children’s Communication Skills: from birth to five will be of great use to a wide range of professionals in training or working in health, education and social care. These include health visitors, general practitioners, community nurses, educational psychologists, early years educators and speech and language therapists. Interested parents will also find this book accessible.

Children’s Communication Skills: from birth to five is available to buy online at Amazon