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Belinda Buckley’s Speech and language therapy service

Child cookingWho is the service for?

  • Children with communication difficulties associated with developmental delay, sensory impairments, learning disabilities, autistic spectrum disorders including Aspergers syndrome, attention and listening difficulties, speech and language delay or disorder.
  • Parents of children with communication difficulties.
  • Nurseries and schools.

What does the service offer?

  • Assessment.
  • Reports, including those for special educational needs statementing.
  • Individual therapy.
  • School visits.
  • Therapy programmes to be carried out by teaching staff or parents.
  • Training and workshops for professionals.

The service is immediate and flexible, with an emphasis on early intervention and working with parents. You can expect effective liaison with teachers and other professionals where necessary (for example other therapists working with your child). Intervention goals are discussed with parents and all therapy is evaluated. The type and frequency of intervention recommended depends on each child’s needs, capabilities and other types of support available to them. The clinic premises are in a comfortable and convenient location.

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