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Testimonials - What others say about Belinda Buckley ’s services

On working with teachers and parents in a school setting:

Teacher at a school for children with severe learning difficulties: "I found speech and language therapy work very valuable. Extremely thorough with many useful ideas and interventions to support the children in our work. Was also impressed with how much work you did in such a short time with parents and teachers, and the sharing of knowledge and expertise."

On working individually with a child:

Parent: "Thank you for everything you have done for James. Your intervention has made a huge difference."

On talks, presentations and workshops:

Teacher on MSc course: "An excellent and extremely well organised presentation.”

Educational psychologist:
"Very clear overview; good illustrations; very clear delivery"

Teacher on professional development course:
"Really helpful because I now understand better how my Speech and language therapy colleagues describe children’s language development."

"Loved the session. It was easy to understand and lots of fun. Hope to be able to carry out as much as I can."